Saturday, June 4th: BOHOLIFE MUSICFEST at Free Spirit Farms

BohoFest 2.2

Hippies are great at hugging random people, protesting against man-made world issues for days, turning impossible colour combinations into wearable artistic masterpieces and, of course, music festivals. Because summertime is incomplete without an open-air music festival, with the performers driving the crowd wild from the crudely built open stage, the spirit of community flowing around, strangers becoming best friends, dancing like no one’s watching being a custom, sandals being stolen over and over, the outside world problems ceasing to exist, and love and happiness filling the warm summer air.

Free Spirit Farms, the authentic hippie community of Second Life, invites all the hippies of the Grid, as well as hippies at heart, to dig out your tie dyed fabrics, pack enough snacks for the entire day (don’t forget that you’ll have to share) and join them this Saturday to share the groove of the finally arrived summer at the BOHOLIFE MUSICFEST. All day long, from noon to 9 PM SLT (PDT), a selection of live performers will be sharing their talents with the dirtiest and the merriest crowd on the Grid.

Free Spirit Farms

As hippies are known to be into making the world a better place, the Free Spirit Farms has their own Relay For Life of Second Life team, CYBERNUTS, and all the proceeds from the festival will go straight to Relay For Life of Second Life, a charity which operates on the Grid and is associated with The American Cancer Society. Of course, hippies who embrace the organic lifestyle and avoid junk food and other artificial goods like plague, have a higher chance to be spared from malignant tumours, and they wish us all to be spared as well.

Now, here is some information for performers of the Grid: a few time slots are still available for those who desires to repeat Jimi Hendrix and Grace Slick experience on the open-air stage while contributing to the good cause. Check out the Free Spirit Farms Google Calendar for the up-to-date information about available time slots. Feeling inclined? Contact Vann Scrabblebat (savannahsugarbaker) or Samm Scrabblebat in-world for more information (send a notecard, as IMs are an unreliable way to contact the offline resident). And hurry up!

Now go check the oil in that old Volkswagen Bus, you still have got some time before Saturday to get there. BOHOLIFE MUSICFEST is exactly the way to start your summer right!


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