The summer of peace and love. Featured event: BOHOLIFE MUSICFEST at Free Spirit Farms

When: 2016/06/04 12 PM SLT (PDT) – 9 PM SLT

Destination: Free Spirit Farms @ Second Life

We’re attending: BOHOLIFE MUSICFEST at Free Spirit Farms

Next time: Unknown. But consider Music Mondays at Free Spirit Farms, those take place weekly!

More information: Free Spirit Farms in-world group (click the link while logged on in Second Life to open the group profile), Free Spirit Farms Google Calendar


There is no better way to appreciate summer than to get out of town, for a breath of fresh air, a taste of homegrown vegetable juice, to groove with the guitar tune, to experience the musicians cancelling their gigs at the last minute, to meet up with wackos like yourself, to borrow some necessities from some wacko’s tent, to have your own trailer being visited by borrowers, to make out with your lover under the sun and to overall enjoy the spirit of freedom one can feel only away from the buzzing, restless city. One can only wish the carburetor of their Volkswagen Bus will not die on the halfway there…

The beginning of the festival

But it seems that early birds of Second Life have made it safely to the Free Spirit Farms region by noon SLT – just in time for the launch of the BOHOLIFE MUSICFEST, the first music festival at Free Spirit Farms, the authentic hippie community run by a couple of hippies, Samm and Vann Scrabblebat, who have put together the festival itself. The festival has been organized with charity in mind – two Relay For Life kiosks for donations on the stage, and the first aid stand selling something no festival can do without – the official BOHOLIFE MUSICFEST merchandise. Will all proceeds from the sales going to RFL, of course!

Myself, rocking the official BOHOLIFE MUSICFEST outfit (while dancing like no one’s watching)

The crowd, still gathering, has greeted the very first performer on the stage, and that was NeoMaximus, the rock musician who plays the guitar and creates his own accompaniment tracks for achieving the best live music experience. He himself is inspired by a number of contemporary rock bands and considers his musical tastes melodic and eclectic (taken from his own quote). Just the right fellow to open the hippie music festival.


There were also some special guests at the first hour – the Second Life Cheerleader Squad! Turns out that one of them has got the notice about the festival in the Relay For Life volunteers group and brought those available in their crew to support the cause and show off their fantastic synced performance. I have not been following Relay For Life events very closely, but one of the Farms patrons has mentioned that she has seen them all over the Grid at Relay For Life events – that is one fascinating dedication to the cause! Their performance and their company has been a great addition to the festival – these young ladies sure can groove!

SLCS – Second Life Cheerleader Squad at BOHOLIFE MUSICFEST

In the next hour, the mellow sound of the Neo’s acoustic guitar and his wonderful voice has been followed by the vibrant trance tunes brought to the Farms by the Farms’ own DJ Feather and his cyber sound board, who specializes in easy listening electronic music. All in all, even the flower children cannot stay in the 60s forever, and when given the electronic sound, should take the opportunity to turn it into something non-aggressive, pleasant for the ear, preferably with a touch of mesmerization – and DJ Feather has done exactly that. The second hour went in the energizing atmosphere of the artificial sound meeting the natural surroundings.


The crowd, completely awake by the end of the second hour, is ready for the gig by not just one, but two awesome musicians. Effinjay is the duo of singer-songwriters Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico, who turn each of their shows into the hour of fun and randomness. What do they play next, what happens during the song and between the songs – nothing is known even to themselves. During that hour, the crowd has agreed that the word “groovy” is way underused and therefore deserves to be said more often. If you ask me – that was one groovy idea! But what do you think? The last song of their gig was “Feeling Groovy” performed a capella, completely impromptu!


It would be a crime to not mention not only their talent in entertaining, but also their talent in musical performing. Their style is acoustic folkjazz music, where Jaycatt plays the piano and Frogg – the smooth guitar and the harmonica. They cover popular songs, as well as write their own, but whatever it is, one or the other, their voices, alone and joined together, cannot be appreciated enough and provide an unforgettable musical experience. These are the performers everybody must hear at least once in their second lifetime!


The talents do not end here, and DJ Toby (or DJT for short) takes over the stream, but not the stage, humbly explaining that the stage is reserved for the talents, and he cannot sing to save own life. But I say this Australian fellow highly undermines his capabilities (or pretends to undermine?) The talent can be found not only in singing. Try mashups, the blending of two and more compositions into one. That will be DJT’s specialization. A few minutes into his session is enough to appreciate his ability to blend Gwen Stefani and Queen, Run-D.M.C. and Joan Jett or even, make sure you are sitting, Korn and ABBA. And many many more. His entire set is mashups all the way. If a mashup does not exist, he creates one. If it sounds impossible to blend, he makes it possible. If in theory it is supposed to sound horrendous together, he will prove you wrong by blowing your socks off when playing the actual result of mashing up. This fellow makes the impossible possible. This is his talent. Perhaps he is just too shy to admit that he cannot let go of Shari, another Farms patron, who is being held in his arms in a dance? Well, wherever on the stage or off the stage, he does his job, and he does it good!

DJT (right) with Shari at BOHOLIFE MUSICFEST

That is when massive wind and rain storms has hit Australia in real life and the crowd got pretty nervous. Will Australians, in particular DJT, hold on? Turns out Australians will hold on against every danger in the world (anybody has had doubts?), but Vann Scrabblebat, who happens to be from the other hemisphere, has been having thunderstorms on her side and thus went offline a few times due to random power outages. In the end, however, the situation has stabilized, and she has managed to stay with us for the rest of the festival without crashing!

Vann as the DJ at BOHOLIFE MUSICFEST (and her coke bottle bong)

Yours truly could only stay for one hour of the DJT’s two hour session, so I came back an hour after, a little bit after 5 PM when no performer was having a gig, so groovers have got an opportunity for the lunch break. However, most of them have decided to stay at the concert area with Vann, who also DJ’s for the community, and during her session we have listened to some rock tunes to warm up for the next performer. While Vann, as a DJ, does not do any kind of tricks with the tunes, her wonderful taste in music and her selection of the tunes have got the crowd ready for the next live performer, Harper Messmer…

DJ Vann rocking down the Fest

and that is when we have learned that the replacement has taken place, and the next gig will be by another live singer, Raven Zenoria. Well, everybody is having fun, we will listen to whoever is on the stage! Raven has brought with herself the spirit of the modern times – her repertoir consists of popular songs by modern artists, but includes some classics from the 80s and the 90s as well. Unfortunately, Raven has had her own share of crashes, thankfully her stream remained stable, and we have experienced a miracle of her disappearing and reappearing, but her voice staying with us at the Farms. The other resident, Bouncy LittleBoots, has been assisting her, passing her requests from BOHOLIFE MUSICFEST groovers. All in all, that little inconvenience has not ruined the gig, and everybody had had a great time!


It is 7 PM SLT and the twilight is near, but the crowd has no intention of ceasing (it’s rather growing!) and is waiting patiently for the next performer, DennyMac – we are going back to acoustics, what better choice to meet the end of the day! Denny plays acoustic fingerstyle guitar, is influenced by a number of popular artists from the 60s ad the 70s, and he sure can both play and sing! His gig consisted of compositions and covers both with and without vocals. The crowd has gained several couples, dancing together in the romantic mood flowing through the air from the vibrating strings of Denny’s guitar. The donation kiosks kept lighting up, and during Denny Mac’s performance something incredible has happened – the CYBERNUTS team (the Free Spirit Farm RFL team) has clocked L$150,000 in donations. So I would like to share here my huge congratulations to Samm and Vann with making it there!


That is when my significant other has finally made it to Second Life and has joined me at the festival. I have dragged him up to the container where the previous visitors conveniently have forgotten the blanket, and we had done something I wish everybody to have done at some point in Second Life (or even the first one) – we have made out at the hippie summer music festival. That has been one spectacular experience, with the crowd underneath swaying to the beautiful sounds, DennyMac providing the mood with the help of his six string companion, the twilight coming down, and us, together, sharing our own moment of peace and love. Marti, I believe I can afford a little shoutout to you here (my article, my rules) – I love you, my darling!

DJ Vann doing her finishing mini-session

But the day is coming to end, my sweetheart has gone to bed, and DennyMac has generously donated to us groovers more than an hour of his time – he played until half past 8. That is when Vann has taken over the stream one more time for the remaining half an hour, just to provide a finishing touch to the festival. Some more contemporary tunes bring us back to the modern times and modern life (both of them), but the mood is set – we have paid our dues in greeting the summer with this festival, and thus have secured the fact that this summer will be the summer of peace and love. Everybody is goodbying, wishing the aforementioned peace and love to each other, and either stay at the Farms to hang out some more, or, like myself, are heading on their merry way, with the mood from the concert area – the mood of celebrating life – promising to linger for a long, long time onwards.

I would like to thank Samm and Vann Scrabblebat for all the wonderful job they have done to make this festival possible, and the job done was indeed colossal – Vann has admitted that there were a couple of cancellations, as well as the 6 PM replacement, but in the end of the day, we all have had a fantastic time, and we owe that to these two awesome people. Best of luck to them both in running the Farms, and we are looking forward to future events!

Have you missed the festival? Consider Music Mondays at Free Spirit Farms. Every Monday, in the evening (see the Google Calendar for the exact times), Free Spirit Farms have live musicians performing at their concert area, and everybody is welcome to join. Most of the musicians who have performed at BOHOLIFE MUSICFEST perform on regular basis on Music Mondays, so this will be your chance to appreciate their talents as well!


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