The Science Circle has got a new writer?

Snapshot_839Oh yes! And there are even better news, at least for me – the new writer is yours truly!

Readers, I’m just way too excited. The Science Circle of Second Life represents… just everything I believe in – open education, lifelong learning, the use of the social media and virtual worlds for educational purposes. If I was choosing a foundation to volunteer for, the foundation with exactly these values would be among my top choices. Because, in the modern world, education is everything.

Two weeks ago, I wrote a piece about the class I attended there, “Lightning”, and it has received quite a positive feedback, so Chantal (Nymf Hathaway) , the founding director of The Science Circle, has invited me to write articles for them and participate in the mission that way. Needless to say I just could not turn it down!

I will be posting links to the articles I will be writing for The Science Circle blog, so you may stay in touch as well. Here is an even better idea: take an effort to get out of bed on the Saturday morning a little earlier than usual and join us at The Science Circle amphitheatre every Saturday at 10 AM PDT (SLT). There are classes on the widest range of subjects, taught by the experts on the fields, and I mean real life university professors. Most of the classes are self-contained, so whatever your background is, you will be able to learn! Oh, and the attendance is free of charge! There, you are out of excuses to not come. So join the Science Circle Students in-world group to know first about the upcoming classes.

Meanwhile, please go ahead and have a look at my introductory post there to learn how I got to know about The Science Circle and some other facts about me as well – including something about my real life alter ego!

See you on Saturdays! 10 AM PDT, mark it on your Post-It note!

Stay digitized, be safe, and never stop learning!


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