Around the world in 15 dances. Featured event: Premiere “World Tapestry of Dance” at The Oval Theatre

When: 2016/06/11 1PM SLT (PDT)
Destination: The Oval Theatre Company @ Second Life
We’re attending: Premiere “World Tapestry of Dance”
More information: Friends Of The Oval Theatre Company in-world group (click the link while logged on in Second Life to open the group profile)

WTOD 0 Intro

What better time imaginable for traveling the world than summer, to get lost in the maze of the foreign streets without being afraid to catch a cold, the sun illuminating the unfamiliar, but so fascinating surroundings and the entire existence parading in its full magnificence before the astounded tourist! The Oval Theatre company took the idea even further and has invited the Second Life theatre lovers from all over the Grid to take part in the whole journey around the world – taking place on The Oval Theatre’s own stage.

WTOD 1 Othon
O captain! my captain!

The passengers of this mystery tour are taking their seats around the stage, where the colours of the world are going to be revealed before us. Eric Neko, the youngest flight attendant in history, helps the passengers with available seats, while Othon Weiland-Nootan, the captain of our aircraft, makes sure everything is in check, also answering questions coming from the curious passengers of this magical transport. Everybody braces themselves for the one of a kind journey – in the form of the World Tapestry of Dance.


World Tapestry of Dance is a compilation of different dance types performed in a variety of settings, from Thailand and how the world remembers it in the 80s, to the urban neighbourhood, where funky youth gathers up on the Saturday afternoon to show off the new moves at the back alley, to the Southwest of the USA where young lads and gals are having the time of their life doing a line dance at the nearby saloon.


The journey Othon invites us to is not only geographically significant. Every dance is a new emotion, every setting is a new experience… here, we enjoy a tranquil Hawaiian beach dance far away from all stresses of civilization, and the next moment, we feel the heat of passion coming from the Flamenco dancers. A young fellow, lost in the world of temptations and uncertainties, is seeking his way to the spiritual revelation – and we join him in this hard, painful, but so important search. The next moment, we are transferred to the Moulin Rouge cabaret, the place where the celebration of life in the company of beautiful goddesses of desire does not ever seem to end – and we, the passengers, celebrate with them. One can only wonder what emotions the next destination promises!


Place after place, one dance performance after another, not staying for longer than one act at every destination, which nevertheless happens to be just enough to fully immerse into every atmosphere. It sure takes talent to cover 15 different experiences in such a short period of time – and making each of them memorable in their own way.


In this unusual tour, one cannot help but lose the track of time, but every journey has to come to its end… The landing is always the hardest part of every flight, and it takes a really skillful pilot to make it a smooth one – but don’t we worry, our pilot in command, Othon Weiland-Nootan, has quite a number of flight hours in the realm of arts. Our final stop is at the authentic India theatre, before the dancers of The Oval Theatre Company line up on the stage to take a bow and receive a round of so well deserved applause.


It is time to unfasten the seat belts,  and congratulate the actors who have put their mind and soul into each act, sometimes playing two completely different moods in two acts, one following the other. The actors, after taking a bow, are joining the crowd of the passengers, where there are friends and families of many of them. For most of us, however, it is time to go back to our daily routine, no matter how much we would like to go back to all the exotic locations we have been visiting just a moment ago. But it is alright. With an ease of transportation it offers, Second Life is meant for traveling. And thanks to World Tapestry of Dance, we had been reminded just now about how great it is to travel.

If you have missed this flight, worry not, the tour will be repeated several more times! This Saturday’s World Tapestry of Dance was a premiere, and the next shows are on Tuesday June 14th, Thursday June 16th and Saturday June 18th, at 1 PM SLT (PDT). You may want to check in early, the seats are limited. So start packing your luggage!


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