Be Right Back, Second Life 13th Birthday

20160623 Flashback Party at the SL13B Cake Stage
Flashback Party at the SL13B Cake Stage. Featuring Torley Linden’s signature watermelon.

Today, yes, exactly today, June 23rd, Second Life turns 13.

I’m stopping by to say that coming to one of Second Life’s live performances has happened to be just enough for me to be captured by the birthday spirit which now reigns not only over SL13B venues, but the entire Grid. Hence I’m going to live at the SL13B area during the time it is running. I’m going to have a lot to say, and perhaps some things to rant about, but for now, I’m caught in a whirlwind of live events going on over there, and I can’t stop won’t stop until it’s over, that I know. Most of, if not all the articles about my discoveries at SL13B can wait.

While you can, you must experience it first hand, without getting distracted by my and other residents’ field reports. Everybody who has not visited SL13B yet, do exactly this. Hop between the stages, get acquainted with the performers. Come over to the SL13B Auditorium and listen to the people who shape Second Life sharing their stories and ideas. The first week will go by fast, and there will not be any live events during the second one. So seize the moment. This is your celebration too.

Stay digitized, and see you there!

Official announcement in Featured News

SL13B Community Celebration website

Schedule for SL13B live events



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