SL13B. K. T.’s fun adventures in a nutshell

Cake Stage explosion

Hard to believe that as I am commencing to write these very words, there is only an hour and a half left for the SL13B celebration. These two weeks flew by, and what two weeks they were! As I am waiting for my flight back to the Grid, let me recollect my fun adventures there. So, I have…

  • watched the Meet The Lindens live (The Monday one, with Torley and Brett) and confirmed to myself that Lindens are real!
  • visited that one concert a new friend of mine has dragged me into on Wednesday where I have caught that celebration spirit!
  • went to the Flashback Party and shared/heard the memories of how Second Life used to be!
  • discovered at the Flashback Party that Lindens love fun too!
  • danced in sync with the DJ and the club crew – on the stage!
  • learned more about The 1920 Berlin Project at the Meet The Designers talk!
  • watched the Drax Show live!
  • learned about the Firestorm Gateway at Meet The Community: Firestorm!
  • learned about learning a foreign language in Second Life at the “Second Life as a Tool for Spanish Teaching” presentation by Eugenia Calderon!
  • got my picture taken twice by two different residents!
  • been late to Meet The Lindens on Friday (with Patch and Dee), and nevertheless got to ask them a question at the Q&A session for which I was not late!
  • watched a number of fabulous performing arts, including several contemporary dance shows, the stand-up comedy, the Japanese dance show, the poetry reading, the Chinese ballet, the Circus show, the Broadway musical, and the premiere of the theatrical play!
  • discovered a new awesome mesh creator at Meet the Designers: Mesh Creative!
  • played Hollywood Squares for the first time in my Second Life!
  • got familiarized with the SL Kids community!
  • experienced the official LL Music Fest!
  • watched the interview live with one of my favourite clothes designers at Meet the Designers: La Vian!
  • participated in the open chat about our experiences at SL13B and about Project Sansar!
  • watched the gorgeous fireworks at the Cake Stage!
  • went through ALL the exhibits to make sure I would not miss any of the potential fantastic finds – and boy, do I have a number of finds!
  • discovered new interesting communities that have been passing me by before – and learned new things about the communities I knew about, but did not pay enough attention to!
  • rode two roller coasters at least!
  • failed to figure out what I am to do at the Knightmares experience!
  • tried out several interactive installations!
  • took a YavaScript pod tour!
  • made it back from RL JUST IN TIME for the cake explosion!
  • enjoyed the last party of the SL13B and seen Doctor Gascoigne, the event co lead, dancing – according to the rest of the staff, a rare sight to catch!
  • took a picture for sweet memories with a friend I’ve made at SL13B!
  • and have experienced the inability to teleport anywhere at the SL13B area due to the regions being locked!

Meet The Lindens: Brett And Torley

I also have:

  • GOT TO TALK IN ALL CAPS AT THE TALK EVENTS AND PARTIES and haven’t got booted somehow!
  • loved the crowd at every party I have been!
  • made a handful of friends and good acquaintances!
  • learned about places I’ll be going to throughout the entire year!

A huge thanks goes to the SL13B entire crew, from the leads to the builders to the greeters and stage crews – all this tremendous work they have put into it cannot be appreciated enough! A great thanks goes to the performers and the exhibitors who have brought the celebration to life! And a big thanks goes to the crowd of residents who have been bringing their spirit of celebration to the SL13B area and spreading it around!

Hollywood Squares with Catboy Qunhua

This article is barely any informative, but it is not meant to be. I just wanted to share the excitement with the second world. There have been so many discoveries done that they will not fit in but one article. Therefore, I will break them down into several articles. In the next one, I am going to talk about what, in my personal opinion, had been done right and wrong at the biggest celebration on the Grid.

Now, onwards to the new year of virtual experiences! Happy 13th, Second Life!

Got your own adventures at SL13B to share? Go ahead, do it right in the comment section!

Otherwise – stay digitized and never lose your curiosity!


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