Hair Fair 2016 in numbers

Hair Fair 2016 @ Second Life

Even though it is not in my habit to write about shopping events, I cannot skip Hair Fair, and I think the reason needs no explanation. The event is featured in Firestorm Message Of The Day, comes second in Second Life Destination Guide’s Shopping Events category. Everybody at least remotely interested in latest virtual trends talks about it. Hair Fair, enough said. One of the longest-running annual shopping events leaves nobody indifferent. I was not an exception. Therefore, this article was meant to be written.

Where there is shopping, there are numbers – so numbers is what I will be talking about. Enjoy some unwanted stats about the biggest shopping event on the Grid!

Before we go on, here is a suggestion how to read these numbers. Feel free to skip it if you are familiar with the statistics terminology or if you are confident that you will understand everything along the way.

  • The mean and the average are interchangeable words, for they mean the same thing – the sum of the values divided by the number of values. This value has been included in the stats primarily for the sake of providing a big picture of the pricing;
  • The median is the value separating the higher half of all values from the lower half – basically, half the stores request as much as or less than median value, and half the stores request as much or more. This value will probably give one the best idea about the middle range of prices, and it also has not happened to be too distant from the mean value in all the analyzed cases;
  • The 25th and the 75th percentiles play the same role as the median, but they separate the first and the last quarters of all the values respectively – basically, three-thirds of the stores request as much as or more than the value of the 25th percentile, and three-thirds of the stores request as much or less as the 75th percentile, therefore the prices one can expect to find at at least half the stores at Hair Fair are within the range of values between these two percentiles. Paired with the median value, these values all together provide an even better idea of the price ranges;
  • The mode is the value that appears most often. It will give one an idea of the price for the type of pack one plans to buy that will be most commonly encountered;
  • And the outliers are individual values that differ significantly from the rest of the values. Not the most favourite values by statisticians, for they all too often skew the mean values… These are going to be mentioned for the sake of giving an idea of an approximate range outreach.

In total, 83 hair brands are participating in Hair Fair. 3 booths were left unoccupied.

22 brands (26.5%) offer male hair in their booths, of which 6 (7.23%) offer exclusively male hair.

We all love a good bargain, and one can doubtfully imagine a better price than L$0, or at most L$1. 41 brands (49.4%) are offering the visitors of their booths some free gifts, and 7 brands (8.43%) are offering dollarbies (items for L$1).

Let’s talk about donations now. The mean value of all the donation percentages among all stores is 23.4%, the median value is 20%. The mode value is 15% – 41 stores donate exactly that percentage of their sales.

Interestingly, 12 brands (14.46%) did not place the poster with the information about how much they donate at their booths, and after a quick check with a notecard with the donation percentages of all brands it turned out that all 12 of them are donating 15%, the lowest possible amount, of their sales. Talking about modesty!

Let’s have a look at the prices for the hair. I am splitting this part of the article into three – the single colour or single palette packs (which I will call small packs), the packs of colours/palettes in a particular category, such as all natural colours (I will call them middle packs), and the packs which contain all colours (the common name for those is fat packs, and I will use it as well).

72 brands (86.75%) offer small packs as a buying option, with the average price for the small pack being L$265.63. The 25th percentile value is L$250, the median price for the small pack is L$250, which is also the mode price – 24 brands will ask exactly this much for the small pack of their hair – and the 75th percentile value is L$300. No obvious outliers on the higher end have been spotted, but one store requests mere L$30 for this type of pack, which makes it an outlier on the lower end. The rest of the prices for this type of pack will be no lower than L$169 and no higher than L$450.

44 brands (53%) give their booths’ visitors an option of middle packs and on average request L$456.5 for them. The 25th percentile value is L$300, the median price for the middle pack is L$370, and the 75th percentile value is L$500. The mode price, which one will pay for a middle pack to 6 brands, is slightly lower – L$350. Only 4 stores ask more than L$650 for this type of pack, the most expensive being L$1200, which makes them relative outliers. The prices do not go lower than L$199.

Finally, 55 brands (66.27%) offer their booths’ visitors to buy all the colours of a hairstyle in a form of a fat pack. The average price for the fat pack is L$1175.47. The 25th percentile value is L$860, the median price is L$1200, and the 75th percentile value is L$1450. 8 brands request L$1500 for their fat packs, which makes it a mode price. One brand offers their fat packs for L$280 (however this is their regular price for the small pack, so do not expect to find it after the event) and another – for L$499, which makes these two the outliers on the lower end. All the other brands will ask you no less than L$600 and up to L$2000 for their fat packs.

Hopefully these numbers did not give you too much of a headache and you have a relatively clear idea of how much you can expect to spend at Hair Fair or how much hair you can expect to get for a certain amount of money. Shop smart, do not forget to try demos, and enjoy your new wigs!

Stay digitized!


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