[Announement] “Second Life shopping events as a phenomenon” – The Grid, Unraveled

SL shopping events as a phenomenon - The Grid, Unraveled

When: 2016/09/25, 11 AM SLT
Length: 1 hour
Hosted by: K.T. Burnett (KayT Resident)

We are discussing:
Second Life shopping events as a phenomenon

All the fashionistas of Second Life cannot stay indifferent to the multitude of shopping events that have absorbed the Grid – and the new ones keep appearing each month. Designers work day and night to bring in new apparel items in time for the events they participate in. Residents hardly keep up their Linden Dollars balance with all the new releases, exclusives, deals, that they cannot resist missing. The Second Life Destination Guide has a separate “Shopping Events” category now. How come they got so popular in such a short timespan? Is this what Second Life really needs? What purpose do shopping events serve for residents who choose to create them, participate in them and/or shop at them? Are there possible alternatives to shopping events to achieve the same goals they do, so we can have some variety on the fashion events field?

We will be having a panel of special guests who will share their experience on the field – and you, the audience, will be able to take part in the conversation via chat.

Cannot make it to the show? It will be recorded and posted on the YouTube Street Wear Live Channel, so you will not miss it.

So, mark September 25th on you calendar and join the discussion at the place where you will be heard!

Your destination: Street Wear Live Studio

Join the Street Wear Live group! secondlife:///app/group/4f66c1d7-33bb-3a51-82b3-c1c6f83c62e6/about

Check out the Street Wear Live YouTube Channel!

See you there!

K.T. Burnett and Street Wear Live team (Abbyrose Abbot & Nick Mammoth)


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