The Grid, Unraveled. Episode 2: Second Life shopping events as a phenomenon

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Host: K.T. Burnett (kayt)

Voice panel:

Abbyrose Abbot – apparel creator (Belladonna Couture)
Jolene Carami – apparel creator (ENTICE), shopping event manager (The Makeover Room)
Kira Rinkitink (kira.paderborn) – apparel creator (ENTICE, Styles by Kira), shopping event founder (The Makeover Room)
Suki Rexen – modeling organization CEO (Model’s Workshop)

We have discussed:
– What is more preferrable to the designer – fashion events or runway shows;
– How fashion events influence their business;
– What does it take to participate in a multitude of fashion events at the same time;
– How modeling industry can chime in on the field and make their contribution to this brand new phenomenon;
– And many, many more!

The Grid, Unraveled Episode 2

What happens when the apparel designer who is straight up for fashion events meets another designer and a model organization CEO whom the fashion events business hurts significantly? Can they come to a compromise, or do they stick to their guns until the end? That is what we have found out on Sunday 25th at the “Fashion events as a phenomenon” talk at The Grid, Unraveled. Two completely opposite points of view meet to bring in the arguments in favour of their position. And what a conversation it was! Big thanks to the audience for their input, too!

The next discussion will take place and be filmed on Sunday, October 9th. Keep an eye in Events for it, or better yet, join the Street Wear Live in-world subscriber (located here) to be notified about all the upcoming Street Wear Live shows!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, so whether you were in the voice panel, in the audience, or watched the episode on YouTube, message me, K.T. Burnett (kayt), in-world with your opinion.

And join us for the next show. This is the place where you will be heard!


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