• Contact me in-world in Second Life – search me by KayT;
  • Send me an email on;
  • Contact me on Skype: kay.t.burnett.

The surest way to contact me is in-world. I hang out in Second Life every day (except the cases when I am out of town), therefore feel free to search for KayT (my username), NOT K.T. Burnett or Kay T. Burnett. One of the results will be K.T. Burnett (kayt), that is me!

Also, my Web profile

If I am online (my online status is visible to everybody), just message me, sometimes I go AFK, but I am usually back within an hour if that is the case. If I am not online, you can take your chance with an offline message, but dropping a notecard is the safest option. Please name it something sensible – “New Note” is very easy to accidentally bury in the swarm of other notecards.