The Grid, Unraveled. Episode 1: Music entertainment industry of Second Life – what is going on?

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Subject: Music entertainment industry of Second Life – what is going on?

Host: K.T. Burnett (kayt)

Voice panel

1st hour:
ღ Đᴇsὶ ღ (desireafontain) – club host (Club Retro, Muddy’s, Greased Lightning), club host trainer (Club Retro)
Rick Itamae – DJ | Soundcloud
Ƥυмρкιη Lαттє (leila.roddenham) – venue owner (-Woods- (website | Facebook) )
ѠƳ ƝƠṰṰ (wyvern.blazewood) – comedian (Lauren’s Place, COMEDY FACTORY, Hooligans Diner)
Bones Writer – live musician, venue owner (BONES TRAX LISTENING BOOTH)

2nd hour:
Chicagosax –  live musician, venue owner (Chicagos Place) | website
Rick Itamae
Ƥυмρкιη Lαттє (leila.roddenham)
ѠƳ ƝƠṰṰ (wyvern.blazewood)
Bones Writer

We have discussed:
– How Second Life residents choose music events to go to;
– What purpose Second Life clubs serve/How Second Life residents do their clubbing;
– The importance of club patrons/groupies (and how to make new club members feel welcomed!);
– How the presence of amateur musicians in Second Life affects the music entertainment scene;
– What to keep in mind when one opens a new club;
– How profitable club business/music entertainment industry actually is, who has to pick the bill, and what to do about it;
– And many more!

The Grid, Unraveled Episode 1 - 1st hour

This Sunday has been truly one of a kind. Thank you very much, guests and audience, for all your input, your participation, for letting us into the insights of your profession, how you feel about it, what the issues of the clubbing and music entertainment industries are and how they are to be dealt with – this has been a very interesting and informative discussion. And, of course, thank you very much, Nick and Abbyrose (Street Wear Live production team), for making it possible! In a way, it was an experiment, and I cannot thank you enough for participating in it. For the first episode, it went very well!

We went completely off the script in this discussion, but that was the best thing that could happen – for it has allowed the discussion to get less formal, which, in turn, has allowed the topic to thrive freely. As every experiment ever, it obviously was not all the way perfect, but we will be playing with the format and getting better with each episode – I already am thinking of ways to establish better connection between the audience and the voice panel, and other ideas to improve everybody’s experience.

The Grid, Unraveled Episode 1 - 2nd hour

At the moment, Street Wear Live is planning to make The Grid, Unraveled a bi-monthly show (new discussion every two weeks on Sundays), so take your time in watching this episode, and the next discussion will take place and be filmed on Sunday, September 25th. Keep an eye in Events for it, or better yet, join the Street Wear Live in-world subscriber (located here) to be notified about all the upcoming Street Wear Live shows!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, so whether you were in the voice panel, in the audience, or watched the episode on YouTube, message me, K.T. Burnett (kayt), in-world with your opinion.

And join us for the next show. This is the place where you will be heard!


THE GRID, UNRAVELED with K.T. Burnett – the premiere this Sunday!

If I manage to finish and put up any new articles anytime soon, I will be very surprised. The thing is, I have been and am going to be quite busy because of several reasons in both lives, the most interesting of which is… I am just about to have my own talk show in Second Life!

I am working on it with a lovely team of Street Wear Live, the Second Life production company, and everything is ready for the very first show which will take place this Sunday! I’ll let this little promo do the rest of the introduction.

Street Wear Live presents

The GRid Unravelled

A brand new talk show, where we discuss different fields of Second Life, as well as Second Life itself. Creativity, social life, the past, the present and the future of Second Life – a new topic each week, and everybody can participate in the discussion!

When: Sunday 2016/09/11, 11 AM SLT (PDT)
Length: 1 hour
Hosted by: K.T. Burnett (KayT Resident)

We are discussing:
Second Life Music Entertainment industry – what is going on?

There is a party somewhere on the Grid at any moment of time. Five-sixths of all events at SL13B had been music events – live concerts and parties with live DJs. Some clubs make it to the top, and some struggle with getting people in, but all of them compete for the music lovers of Second Life. Is such a competition good for the Grid, and the music industry market is doing a decent job at self-regulating? Or does it create more problems than it otherwise could? Should we discourage our friends from entering the music industry of Second Life if one day they get this idea?

We will be having a panel of special guests who will share their experience on the field – and you, the audience, will be able to take part in the conversation via text chat.

Cannot make it to the show? It will be recorded and posted on the Street Wear Live YouTube Channel, so you will not miss it.

So, mark September 11th on you calendar and join the discussion at 11 AM SLT (PDT). This is the place where you will be heard!

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K.T. Burnett and Street Wear Live team (Abbyrose Abbot & Nick Mammoth)