The Grid, Unraveled. Episode 1: Music entertainment industry of Second Life – what is going on?

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Subject: Music entertainment industry of Second Life – what is going on?

Host: K.T. Burnett (kayt)

Voice panel

1st hour:
ღ Đᴇsὶ ღ (desireafontain) – club host (Club Retro, Muddy’s, Greased Lightning), club host trainer (Club Retro)
Rick Itamae – DJ | Soundcloud
Ƥυмρкιη Lαттє (leila.roddenham) – venue owner (-Woods- (website | Facebook) )
ѠƳ ƝƠṰṰ (wyvern.blazewood) – comedian (Lauren’s Place, COMEDY FACTORY, Hooligans Diner)
Bones Writer – live musician, venue owner (BONES TRAX LISTENING BOOTH)

2nd hour:
Chicagosax –  live musician, venue owner (Chicagos Place) | website
Rick Itamae
Ƥυмρкιη Lαттє (leila.roddenham)
ѠƳ ƝƠṰṰ (wyvern.blazewood)
Bones Writer

We have discussed:
– How Second Life residents choose music events to go to;
– What purpose Second Life clubs serve/How Second Life residents do their clubbing;
– The importance of club patrons/groupies (and how to make new club members feel welcomed!);
– How the presence of amateur musicians in Second Life affects the music entertainment scene;
– What to keep in mind when one opens a new club;
– How profitable club business/music entertainment industry actually is, who has to pick the bill, and what to do about it;
– And many more!

The Grid, Unraveled Episode 1 - 1st hour

This Sunday has been truly one of a kind. Thank you very much, guests and audience, for all your input, your participation, for letting us into the insights of your profession, how you feel about it, what the issues of the clubbing and music entertainment industries are and how they are to be dealt with – this has been a very interesting and informative discussion. And, of course, thank you very much, Nick and Abbyrose (Street Wear Live production team), for making it possible! In a way, it was an experiment, and I cannot thank you enough for participating in it. For the first episode, it went very well!

We went completely off the script in this discussion, but that was the best thing that could happen – for it has allowed the discussion to get less formal, which, in turn, has allowed the topic to thrive freely. As every experiment ever, it obviously was not all the way perfect, but we will be playing with the format and getting better with each episode – I already am thinking of ways to establish better connection between the audience and the voice panel, and other ideas to improve everybody’s experience.

The Grid, Unraveled Episode 1 - 2nd hour

At the moment, Street Wear Live is planning to make The Grid, Unraveled a bi-monthly show (new discussion every two weeks on Sundays), so take your time in watching this episode, and the next discussion will take place and be filmed on Sunday, September 25th. Keep an eye in Events for it, or better yet, join the Street Wear Live in-world subscriber (located here) to be notified about all the upcoming Street Wear Live shows!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, so whether you were in the voice panel, in the audience, or watched the episode on YouTube, message me, K.T. Burnett (kayt), in-world with your opinion.

And join us for the next show. This is the place where you will be heard!


THE GRID, UNRAVELED with K.T. Burnett – the premiere this Sunday!

If I manage to finish and put up any new articles anytime soon, I will be very surprised. The thing is, I have been and am going to be quite busy because of several reasons in both lives, the most interesting of which is… I am just about to have my own talk show in Second Life!

I am working on it with a lovely team of Street Wear Live, the Second Life production company, and everything is ready for the very first show which will take place this Sunday! I’ll let this little promo do the rest of the introduction.

Street Wear Live presents

The GRid Unravelled

A brand new talk show, where we discuss different fields of Second Life, as well as Second Life itself. Creativity, social life, the past, the present and the future of Second Life – a new topic each week, and everybody can participate in the discussion!

When: Sunday 2016/09/11, 11 AM SLT (PDT)
Length: 1 hour
Hosted by: K.T. Burnett (KayT Resident)

We are discussing:
Second Life Music Entertainment industry – what is going on?

There is a party somewhere on the Grid at any moment of time. Five-sixths of all events at SL13B had been music events – live concerts and parties with live DJs. Some clubs make it to the top, and some struggle with getting people in, but all of them compete for the music lovers of Second Life. Is such a competition good for the Grid, and the music industry market is doing a decent job at self-regulating? Or does it create more problems than it otherwise could? Should we discourage our friends from entering the music industry of Second Life if one day they get this idea?

We will be having a panel of special guests who will share their experience on the field – and you, the audience, will be able to take part in the conversation via text chat.

Cannot make it to the show? It will be recorded and posted on the Street Wear Live YouTube Channel, so you will not miss it.

So, mark September 11th on you calendar and join the discussion at 11 AM SLT (PDT). This is the place where you will be heard!

Your destination: Street Wear Live studio

Join the Street Wear Live group! secondlife:///app/group/4f66c1d7-33bb-3a51-82b3-c1c6f83c62e6/about

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See you there!

K.T. Burnett and Street Wear Live team (Abbyrose Abbot & Nick Mammoth)

SL13B. Fantastic Finds: Beguile

"10 Years of Sailing" exhibit at SL13B

Finally we are getting to the best part of SL13B – the discoveries made at the exhibits of places to visit and activities to partake in all year round. While many exhibitors have made their exhibits the standalone installations with a certain statement (usually dedicating their exhibit to Shared Adventure, the theme of this year’s community celebration), many exhibitors have allowed themselves to represent something existing on the big Grid – places, communities, activities. You have already seen the first article of the series, dedicated to performing arts of Second Life, and here, we are moving on to what SL13B exhibitors can offer us. Let us see what we have discovered!

We begin with the Beguile region, rich on various Second Life communities exhibits.

Visiting to get acquainted with the place or the community is the obvious option, but I have also added the “Involvement level” meter to give you an idea of how much time you may expect to invest in the community or activity to really experience it. The levels are going like this:

  • Seasonal – you’ve got a shot in it when the time comes, don’t miss it;
  • Short-term – come anytime for a visit, no obligations;
  • Long-term – stay for a while, there will be certain expectations;
  • Second lifetime – change your second life forever;
  • Voluntary – any of the above will work fine.

Note: I have not thoroughly explored and researched every one of them, but merely listed them as objects of interest in Second Life, therefore do not expect elaborate descriptions. If you are inclined, you are most encouraged to go to each of the listed locations and communities and explore them by yourself!

Note 2: This list will be short on arts, because there is a little less than 50% chance that you have encountered an art exhibit or an exhibit that represents an art gallery or some other art-related venue. Next most popular category, Second Life Communities, has clocked about 15% of total exhibits. With all my respect to all existing forms of art, I firmly believe that a virtual world is first and foremost about interactivity, and seeing it becoming a platform for passive observation breaks my heart. There are a number of bloggers who will promote art installations in Second Life. I will not be one of them. Not this time at least.

Note 3: Many of the “finds” are going to be well-known locations, activities and communities. May this series of listings serve as a reminder of their existence and awesomeness.

Note 4: Sorry folks, no pictures, at least this time. Take my word – all of the finds are either eye-pleasing or engaging.

SL13B Volunteers (Exhibit: SL13B Volunteers Welcome You!)

Website | In-world group

Our list for Beguile kicks off, of course, with something related to SL13B itself, and that will be the Community Celebration volunteers, those that ensure that everything runs smoothly at the Celebration while expecting nothing in return, and the least we can give them is our endless gratitude, respect and appreciation. The exhibit took a form of a friendly hippie shack for visitors to take a break at. Unfortunately, the exhibit did not happen to have any group joiner or any information stand, and therefore one can only guess that the visitor inclined to learn more would somehow discover the way to join the official SLB Community Celebration group.

Involvement level: Seasonal, about couple of months

Cystic Fibrosis University (Exhibit: CF University)

Website | In-world location

The place that aims to educate the public about the fatal generic disorder known as cystic fibrosis has made its appearance at SL13B. Provided by Boomer Esiason Foundation, the campus features the main area with info stands (primarily Web-based), the library with a variety of resources on the issue, the administration building with information about the Team Boomer, the art gallery, the student union, the gift shop and a memorial fountain.

Involvement level: Voluntary

Second Life sailing (Exhibit: 10 Years of Sailing)

Search in-world for “sailing” in Places and Groups

Maiti Yenni (maitiyenni)’s exhibit at SL13B one, in my opinion, was one of the most remarkable ones – her exhibit promoted the activity she is passionate about, Second Life sailing, by presenting the volume and richness of this activity. “10 Years of Sailing” took the resident on a journey through time, from the very first Second Life boat to the growth of multiple sailing communities, as well as honouring the memory of some significant figures who, unfortunately, happen to be no longer with us… Communities, events, races – Second Life sailing includes so much more than just riding a boat across Blake Sea over and over. But reading about it is one thing, and experiencing it is a completely another one.

Involvement level: Voluntary – from an occasional trip to a lifestyle

Aero Pines Park

In-world location

Very well-known recreational area on the grid, Aero Pines Park has rightfully earned a reputation of “a place where there is always something to do”. Horseback riding, log flume rides, hiking through forest areas of the three regions, frequent live events – whenever one feels like experiencing a day in the natural reservation, one is most welcome at Aero Pines. Both individuals and groups of friends will have a way to have fun there.

Involvement level: Short-term

Sanctuary CCS Dark Role Play Community

Website | In-world location

Here comes the first roleplay community find. Sanctuary is an adult oriental-themed (looks like it at least) roleplay which actively uses the Community Combat System (or CCS), providing starter weapons as well as areas dedicated for the in-world combat. Traditional text roleplay also takes place, evidently. When I grabbed the Welcome Pack and the CCS Info pack, I got about a dozen notecards with information, which tells me that this is a pretty complex combat system, therefore I am going to leave exploring it to those who are inclined.

Involvement level: Long-term

Second Life Kids (Exhibit: SL Goonies Dungeons & Knightmares)

Try kids-related search queries, for example “kids friendly” or “kids roleplay”

Residents choose to live their second lives as kids for a variety of reasons – to get a kid’s perspective of Second Life, to avoid unsolicited attention, to rediscover a child in themselves. Loki Eliot, who happens to be one of the pillars of Second Life Kids’ community, has brought our attention to their existence through an interactive installation which is dedicated to the real life kids’ show popular in the… 80s? Taking advantage of the Experiences, he has installed an entire quest similar to the one the participants of the actual Knightmare have to get through. Residents had to work in teams of at least two, which happened to be a disadvantage for me, for I like experiencing things in Second Life on my own. But that is my personal preference. All in all, Second Life Kids are a big community, and one can learn more about them by looking up the groups.

Involvement level: Long-term to second lifetime

Elf Circle (Exhibit: A Touch of Elf Circle)

In-world location

All evidence suggests that this 7-region territory is a home to the Second Life fantasy community – while bearing the word Elf in the name, it is comprised of all the imaginable fantasy creatures living together. One can rent oneself a nice spot at Elf Circle, engage in the fantasy community lifestyle, participate in events and Second Life residents’ favourite pastime – shopping at the local fantasy market, practice in archery and overall have a lovely time in a company of peers.

Involvement level: Short-term to long-term

Spanish with Eugenia

In-world location

Eugenia Calderon, the founder of Spanish with Eugenia, had been teaching Spanish in Second Life for quite a long time, and at SL13B, residents got an opportunity to get acquainted with her school not only at the SL13B Auditorium presentation, but also at her exhibit. She uses Second Life interactive options for helping the students better understand and appreciate Spanish both as a language and as a cultural bridge, bringing them to virtual authentic Mexican locations and studying the language at those through lots of live communication. The classes are not free, but considering that they are meant to be a complete alternative to real life classes, this fact should not repel those who take learning Spanish seriously.

Involvement level: Voluntary, long-term recommended

The Dirty Grind (Exhibit: Radio Grind presents…The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Comm.)

In-world location

Independent artists can be found all over the Grid, as well as some dedicated communities where they can show off and exchange their talent – which The Dirty Grind happens to be. Along with the venue where live music is heard on a regular basis, there is also the radio station, Radio Grind, running 24/7, which any resident can add to their own land – an artistic soul will have no problem finding its retreat on the murky streets of The Dirty Grind.

Involvement level: Voluntary

Weltenville (Exhibit: Weltenville Dream your Adventure Live your Adventure)

In-world location

Anybody who is having a hard time deciding on the roleplay theme they would like to get themselves involved in may look no further – at Weltenville one can participate in several of them at the same time. From medieval to mermaid to biker or pirate, there seems to be no limit in being who you want to be at Weltenville. The place also supports all the popular combat and roleplay systems, is open to all the most popular breedables, supports all the most popular forms of mainland traveling, provides the new user orientation, and overall seems to strive to be everything at once.

Involvement level: Voluntary

Willowdale (Exhibit: Willow Scouts of Second Life)

In-world location

Through the Willow Scouts exhibit we can learn about Willowdale, the home community to this Second Life scouts organization. Willowdale is a vibrant family roleplay community which finds its home at the 7 region area, where Second Life residents can enjoy the peaceful modern lifestyle roleplay all together, in case real life is not fulfilling enough. One can be a school student, school teacher, firefighter, policeman or garbage collector – whichever modern role is your dream role!

Involvement level: Long-term

SL Harbor La Luna Bay City

In-world location

No, this one is not associated with the Mainland Bay City community, but is located at the bay as well, hence the name. From what I have observed, this community is teenage avatars-oriented (but not limited to) and is about cutesy and having all the fun in the world while one is young! Visitors will find the traditional Second Life activities out there – the live events venue, the shopping district, as well as several activities venues, and even a street train line across the entire place.

Involvement level: Voluntary

Olde Lapara Town (Exhibit: Lapara’s “The Big City”)

In-world location

Thanks to Levi Clownski (israel.schnute)’s exhibit at SL13B, we have managed to discover his Olde Lapara Towne, a small town somewhere on Heterosera, connected to the Second Life Railroad, which has been built in the image of an arbitrary American city in the early 20th century. Evidently, the place has been built as a tourist attraction, where a resident or a group of residents can take a stroll across the city and take pictures, or take a tram ride. One can even stay for a week in the Grand Lapara Hotel – but just a warning, it is G-rated.

Involvement level: Short-term


Website | In-world location

Hunts are an in-world activity one can learn more about at [insert URL here], and do residents love them – they are challenging, they give residents an opportunity to obtain quality and unique items at a bargain price (or even for free!), they introduce residents to stores and places, and they are just plain fun! HUNT SL is an organization which tracks hunts and promotes them for potential participants – both hunters and store owners can take a look at the website or the in-world location at any time and choose their next adventure.

Involvement level: Short-term

Stay digitized and have fun exploring! Wonderous region coming up next!