The Digitized

Merriam-Webster dictionary:

digitize \ˈdi-jə-ˌtīz\ transitive verb: to convert (as data or an image) to digital form

Indeed, this is us. How much of ourselves we decide to replicate to the digital world differs for each of us. What has not been replicated is filled up with our artificial personalities, which can be represented as new abilities, new roles, new characters. One thing that does not change, though, is that each of us brings a part of ourselves into every digital world we’re entering. We digitize that part of ourselves.
The avatars on the screen are not brand new people who came out of nowhere. They are us. Us playing roles or being ourselves, us exploring new abilities or new limitations, us immersing into the picture on the screen or discovering the third view perspective of ourselves. Us, the digitized.

Second Life The Digitized Intro
Top Row: The Oval Theatre Company Eurovision Tribute, horseback riding at ALOHA HAWAII Bottom row: Second Life 12th Birthday bird-eye view, New Year show by geishas of Little Yoshiwara.

The first iteration of this blog went under the name (the website is still around, probably), however, over time, I have discovered that one cannot consider just one metaverse if one is going to make sense of the idea of the metaverse in general. The most advanced of them, to date, is Second Life, which, as previously, I will be writing the most about for the time being. This time around the name of the blog does not limit me to revolve around but one metaverse, or metaverses at all. This, hopefully, will make the blog more fluid and give me a chance to involve other metaverses/MMOGs.

The goal of the blog stays the same – to make sense of the virtual worlds as a medium, to learn how to make the best of our digital lives, to discover their place in our social and professional lives, to take notes of their development and evolution, as well as the development and evolution of societies populating them. Second Life will remain as a primary object of research for the time being, perhaps it will change in the future, if yours truly decides to make a transition to the more advanced metaverse.

Black Basalt Beach KT Burnett (2)
I am Kay T. Burnett, and I rarely bother with editing photographs – in my opinion, unedited photo presents the virtual world authentically, which is more important than making it beautiful and remote to the actual picture. 5 years and counting in Second Life, 10+ years and counting in other metaverses/MMOGs/social networks. The level of freedom one has in Second Life has been fascinating me from the very first day I have commenced my exploration. No less curious are the discoveries of how diferent residents make use of the freedom given to them. What do they do with their Second Life? Why do they choose to do exactly that? What can be done to improve their experiences? Are there other experiences they should consider trying?

Many answers to give, many more questions to ask. Life in the screen turns out to be as complicated as the one behind the screen.

But we choose to be the digitized. And we will manage.

The picture of myself is taken at Black Basalt Beach (Second Life), a place to be when one seeks some peace of mind. Short on activities, this is a place of choice when one has got enough of crowded, headache-inducing events and just wants to observe a beautiful scenery – there are a lot of spots to watch the nature. The place is also great for writing, which this post is a living proof of.